Cathryn Mann is a graphic designer, video editor and storyteller. She believes in making everyday life beautiful. “Everyone has a story to tell of which they are living every moment of every day. Why not turn that into something spectacular?” says Cathryn.
Cathryn (Cat) was raised in Southern California, where the sun forever shines and one can always count on the gloom of June. Her love of art began when she was a very young child. Back then she would draw and design clothes, but instead of dressing a model, she merely drew them on a hanger. This passion for the pencil continued to grow until her Grandfather gave the family a computer with all of the latest programs and tools. It was then that she discovered Photoshop, and not knowing just how prestegious a program it was, she taught herself how to use it. Then, as a teenager, she finally realized that the simple gift of a computer that came supplied with Photoshop had been the tool that would shape her life and her career.
After graduating from Newbury Park High School, she atended California State University Channel Islands. While attending the former state mental hospital, she took a plethora of classes ranging from web devolopment, graphic design, animation and cultural studies. Even though she was set to graduate early, Cat took a year off from her Caifornia University to study at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. It was here that she learned a world’s view on art and design through not only her classes, but her travels and experiences as well. She also learned to speak Japanese and submerged herself completely in the culture by living with a host family. Finally, in 2010, Cat graduated from California State University Channel Islands with her Bachelors in Studio Art (with a focus in Digital Media) and a minor in Asian-Pacific Studies. She also holds a Certificate from Waseda University.
The bulk of Cat’s early work was done while working in Los Angelas and Hollywood. She interned for an Emmy-nominated gameshow before working for a world-renouned pen company. While working for one of the top Field Marketing Organizations, she relocated to Henderson, Nevada where she currently resides. On the side, she writes novels, disigns webpages and does freelance illustration.


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