Costa Rica Nails

I while back I had the pleasure of traveling to Costa Rica for work. The CEO wanted me to come so that I could take pictures of everyone doing things at the company’s Winter Conference. ‘Twas fun – but nothing prepared me for the humidity! Where I come from, humidity doesn’t exist…

That being said, I naturally had to take certain things into consideration. First off, I needed to make sure me bathing suit was work-worthy. (And let me be the first to tell ye… it’s not – it’s a bathing suit for crying out loud!) Secondly, I needed to make sure mefeet would not blind or sunburn the person next to me. (Yes, I’m that white…) And lastly, my nails needed to be painted accordingly!

I decided to try to match it to my bathing suit and this was the result:


What do ye think? I didn’t own orange at the time, so blue and green it was!

Costa Rica is a beautiful place as well. I recommend a visit if ye find yeself with the chance.


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