The Patio Says It’s Spring

So a few weeks back, I invested in some new plants. I lost a few perfectly good ones in a freeze we had back in January, so it was finally time to bring some life back to me patio.

Spring has certainly arrived here where I live, and will probably last for another month or so before it becomes deathly hot and dry. I’m hoping to get some good growth in before that happens. That being said, this year I took some chances with me spring planting choices.

I’m actually trying to grow something productive! The tomato plant I bought is still pretty healthy and bright. Once it gets bigger, I will put it in a larger pot and get a cage for it. For now I’ve got it hanging so as to allow the most sunlight. In addition, I’m trying me hand at green onions from seed. I’ve heard that these are some of the easiest vegetables to grow, and sure enough, about two weeks after I planted them they began to sprout!

Happy Spring Everyone! Don’t forget to smell the roses!


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