The Horse and The Heartbeat Day

Have ye’all had a wonderful February?

Well first we had Chinese New Year – the year of the horse! Did ye read the year’s horoscope? (Yeah me neither) Were ye dumplings good? (yeah neither were mine…)

…BUT I had awesome nails!


Yes, that be the Kanji for “Horse”. As fer the other nails… we can call them brush strokes perhaps? I dunno… What I do know however, is that Kanji was meant to be painted. Why not paint on nails, right?

Was cupid kind to ye? Or perhaps he missed, got lost or gave up? Well, whatever the case may be, here’s my newest nail design – dedicated to both the lovers and the haters of this ever-confusing holiday!


Because every valentine is swooning over their heart, and every heart beats for something…

As for me you ask? Well my post on my DeviantArt pretty much sums it up:

Aye… the curse of we creatives…


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