The Best Inspiration Goblets to Drink From

So I’ve found meself on a bit o a lull when it comes to drive to create art. Now don’t get me wrong; the creativity is there; the inspiration is there. The time however… let it forever be an enemy of the working artist.

What do you do to get out of the funk? Google it, of course! Oh relax… I’m only half serious.

First, spend hours on Pinterest! Pin pin pin! And when ye’ve looked through so many pins ye brain begins to feel corky, check out what ye just pinned. Trust me, I’ve looked through a board that I just added to and found things I’d already forgotten about! That it- ye found something that inspired ye; don’t go pushing it out o’ yer brain yet! Let it simmer. Let it thicken. Then add some salt. Then sleep on it. Yup – the never-ending cycle of Pinterest!

Then travel to DeviantArt. Begin the cycle again. I get lost in clicking through entire galleries of artists that are just simply amazing at their talent. I recently spent a number o hours cleaning through my own gallery. Nevertheless, there is plenty of inspiration out there. Check it out!

By the time ye’ve pinned and fav’ed to ye little heart’s content, time will no longer matter.  It will then be a necessity to get that idea out on paper! (Because if ye’re anything like meself, ye won’t sleep a wink until the thought’s been brought properly into reality.) At the end of the day though, this is all that really matters:


The trick is not to get caught up on making the next Van Gogh;
just be your own Van Gogh.



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