A New Year – a new color

As many of ye may already know, Pantone has officially chosen the 2014 color of the year! What exciting news! Drumroll please…

Radiant Orchid!

Image ©Pantone

Read the Announcement Here

What a contrast from 2013! (Which, if ye remember was Emerald.) It’s mostly purple, but it’s wee a bit pink. Perhaps it’s really just pink trying to masquerade around at the annual Purple Family Ball… But in all seriousness… oh heck, who am I kidding; there is nothing serious about “Radiant Orchid”. It’s playful. It’s royal. It’s curious (and we all know what happened to the cat…); and it is very gay. I mean the happy kind of ‘gay’ – the best kind!

Now that this is our color, what are we to do with it? Shall we repaint our houses shades of purple-y-pink in celebration? Perhaps not. Rush out and buy the latest in Radiant Orchid fashion? Well if ye must, I certainly shall not stop you. A new orchid plant? Now that’s something we can pull off! My living room might find a new roommate soon methinks…

In spirit of this new-found color appreciation, here are some paring examples to get the creative juices flowing:



What does it look like with last year’s color? Well, it’s a bit… blinding. The luminosity is too close. Let’s not do that again… Maybe better with a forest green?




The warm yellow of 2009’s Mimosa pairs very well with Radiant Orchid! This may very well be me favorite combination. But then again, there’s nothing more satisfying to a designer than complimentary colors, and surely nature agrees. If ye’ve ever admired a purple iris flower, this combination might be kind on ye heart.


The good ole’ Sky Blue! Trustworthy. Solid. It works pretty well with the whimsical nature of our new Radiant Orchid, but still allows the color to show its personality. It’s exciting and energizing. Which will be the accent color? Well that, me friends, I leave up to ye own creativity.

Now let’s see what we can create with this new color of the year. Sorry Emerald; it’s been a good run. Radiant Orchid has arrived!


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