The Most Personal Wedding

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of attending a wedding with a friend. Ye know, when ye go as someone’s ‘plus one’, even though ye have never met the bride or the groom? Yup – that’s what this was. Needless to say, I was a wee bit anxious – I can truthfully say that I almost felt like I was imposing. Alas, it was insisted upon that I go, and I was sure glad I did!

Now, this couple had been legally married for about 8 months already, so there was not much pressure on the ceremony. They were doing this as a celebration, because they wanted to, and boy was this a celebration! It was a non-traditional ceremony. They did everything their own way – with their own style. Everything had a touch of creativity in it that made the entire thing feel personal and cared for. I left feeling like I had known these people for years.

One of the things they say to try in order to find new inspiration is to take a different route home from school or work. I’m sure ye’re familiar with it. Ever tried it? I have. It really does work. Take the long way – take the scenic route – take the back-alley where you might get shanked… (ok maybe don’t try the last one – it sounds dangerous) While the rest of the world has been busy fretting over lacy veils, red roses and perfectly placed centerpieces, this couple chose to direct their attention to other things. They decided to place stormtroopers at the edge of the isle to guide guests, drank from the same goblet at the same time, and requested guests come in costume. (And by costume, I mean we encountered Severus Snape, Quorra of Tron: Legacy, and a handful of time traveling diplomats dating back to the 16th century.) It didn’t matter what ye brought, or what ye looked like, just so long as ye came with the intent to have a good time. Now if I’m not mistaken, that sounds like a pretty good way to start off a new stage in you life- by throwing convention out the window and doing things the way one may think will provide the most happiness!

There was an abundance of laughter and celebration during the entire occasion.  Both the bride and groom were extremely welcoming to everyone who came. I think they were genuinely grateful to have everyone there with them. I have to admit that this wedding, while completely non-traditional and totally ‘weird’, was one of the most personal and enjoyable weddings I have ever had the pleasure of attending. I could not wish these two lovely people more happiness in their life ahead!

So the next time ye try to plan something, or create something to share with others – try going for the unconventional; try doing it backwards; add a pound of ‘weird’ to it and see what happens. Ye might be surprised by a lovely outcome. Happy Designing!


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