A Whimsical Color Choice

Just the other day I was talking with one of me closest friends about her upcoming wedding. The lass has been a bit shy about sharing information about what she’s planning, but was kind enough to share with me the colors she is thinking of using. This brought up, once again, a subject that seems to come up quite frequently these days for me. It seems that I am officially at that age where everyone in my life is getting married – except me. So what is a ‘forever bridesmaid’ to do? Why, ponder over the bride’s choices of colors, naturally! (Since I have not been asked to design anything for her.)

So what colors were we talking about? As it turns out, she unknowingly picked what I be calling “off-set complimentary colors”. These were Fuchsia, Key Lime, and accents of Tangerine. (See below screenshot from Adobe’s Kuler)


As ye can see, they are almost perfect compound colors, which is why I have referred to them as “off-set”. Now, her main colors are Fuchsia and Key Lime. These offer up an interesting set. Red and green are compliments, but if ye just tilt the trusty color wheel a smidgen, you will find ye-self with something a lot closer to ‘pink’ and ‘lime’ as compliments. Pretty cool, right? So that explains why pink and green go so well together! (And yet nobody ever accused them of being ‘too much Christmas’, now did they?) I will have to admit to pairing red and green garments together when compiling what I am to wear for the day. They just make sense!

The addition of the Tangerine brings a natural feel to the set. Note that none of these colors are primary colors, and honestly the addition of a primary would most likely overwhelm the viewer into only seeing that one color. In addition, since this is the ‘accent’ color, she won’t have to worry about everyone’s eyes being overwhelmed by the power and energy that comes so frequently with anything remotely ‘orange’. When asked what kind of a theme she was going for, she told me she was thinking “whimsical”. Personally, I think this combination certainly achieves this goal! Well done! A very happy wedding it will be!

Now, I am curious to find out what color the bridesmaids will be dressed in. Everyone has that friend who made their bridesmaids wear the worst color possible for their wedding, thus making everyone appear either sunburned or sickly. Fortunately, I believe me friend will resist putting her bridesmaids in Tangerine, and stick to either Fuchsia or Key Lime. Naturally I would be an advocate for Key Lime, but that’s only because I have an unnatural obsession with anything and everything green. The reasonable side of me envisions a subtle combination of both Fuchsia and Key Lime, but we all know that would be terribly difficult to find and execute.

I am personally looking very much forward to this wedding. It has been a long time coming, and I am truly happy for the both of them. After all is said and done, expect an update on how the entire party was pulled off sometime next spring!

What do ye think of her choices? Would ye step into a whimsical wedding using these colors as your tools? Happy designing everyone!

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