Pre-Summer Gardening

Perhaps the sweltering heat has yet to really smack the side of me head, or perhaps the dust has clogged up some of me normal-functioning brain cells, but nevertheless I have found a new passion in attempting to garden. It’s rather difficult when one lives in the middle of the water-conserving, cacti-producing desert otherwise known as the southern tip of the state of Nevada. Being from California, I am rather used to blossoming trellises being completely and naturally healthy among golden, water-parched hills.

So in standing on my balcony one beautiful spring afternoon, I decided to finally try me hand at bringing some color to the outdoors. Until now, the only thing I have been able to keep alive was me Irish Shamrock plants. (Actually I’ve had a rather difficult time killing them.) I started small at first. I took a trip to the local garden center and browsed around a bit. The area I’ve got is sunny for most of the day if the plants are elevated enough, so I decided to play it safe and only invest in one ‘sunny’ plant. Everything else is partial shade/ partial sun.

First I started with the succulent and the lilies. The succulent seems to be doing well – I fear it may be another plant that just simply cannot be killed, even if I somehow manage to over water it. Then I decided to try some color and added the Impatient and Hibiscus. The last thing I added was a re-plant of one of me dear shamrocks. They seemed to be in need to some fresh air and soil.

So there’s the entire picture. I still feel like I stuck to the theme of my entire apartment, but then again it’s rather difficult to find plants that aren’t green. Overall, everything is still alive! Sometimes the wind blows the blossoms off of some of me plants, but they are slowly growing a resistance to it.

One other thing I added was a new bird feeder. The other one I had was unable to handle the weight of the doves that come around. Normally I’ve got either a flock of doves or a pair of smaller local birds that fight over the food, but at least now they are not spilling the seed all over my plants. (Which is why there is now grass growing in my succulent…)

So how have I done? I’m thinking I might need me some more orange, but alas that is another pot for another day!

Happy Summer everyone and stay colorful!


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