Themed Weddings

So I recently went to a wedding for an extended family member. It was one of those affairs where you go, even though you don’t know hardly a soul except for the person involved. I have to admit though, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a rather inspiring experience!

They had a themed wedding. Ok now let’s be honest – you get that invite in the mail; you’re all excited you’ve been invited to their wedding; until you open it up and find that they’ve decided to go with the honest-to-God-worst theme in your vocabulary book. (Or maybe they’ve chosen a theme you actually have to do research on in order to partake in…) So now, suddenly your excitement turns quickly into the almighty “what are they thinking?”. My own mind was focused on the “gee – that’s a strange theme. I’ll have to Google that”. Now, now, I rest my point. They had chosen a 1960’s Mod Theme. Apparently that’s become big because of “Mad Men”? That was news to me. So here I am, trying to get inspiration from pictures of John F Kennedy’s inauguration. Let me be the first to tell you – it’s rather difficult to find inspiring women’s fashion when all the pictures are of men. Thank you 1960’s America.

So I finally figured something out. Since it was someone I was not very close with, I figured I’d try to find something in my closet to wear, and I ended up unearthing something rather unique. My grandmother was living in Nagoya, Japan in the early 60’s, and had a jacket made for her while she was there. This jacket looked like something right off of Jackie Kennedy’s coat rack with an added spice of Japanese fabric added to it. It was perfect! (And honestly where else would I wear this thing? Nowhere, I dare say!) The only thing left was an actual dress to wear under said jacket. Although I could have gone with a dress I already had, while out shopping with my mother one weekend home, we stumbled upon the perfect dress to go with it. (And it was super cheap!)


The jacket was just so busy, I needed something plain. I was also graced with finding these most amazing shoes to match! Lucky me!

So I get to this wedding thinking, “This should be interesting”, and I am met with one of the most well organized and designed weddings I have been to. (And I have been to a lot of weddings recently, must to my boss’s dismay.) The bride was dressed in mostly white, but had bright, crimson red accents on her gown. She had pared the crimson red with a bright, cobalt blue and accented everything else with black or white. The colors were something like this:


Those were certainly colors I would not originally have thought to pair together, and yet everything was simply stunning. It goes against the normal rules that I follow when choosing color themes. This got me to thinking – we set down rules for yourselves in our creative lives, and yet creativity is really only truly achieved when the spirit is allowed to run completely free. Seeing this reminded me of that.

We cannot always get stuck in the same rut. Everyone once-in-a-while, we need to do something different to get ourselves to think differently. The next thing I do – will be ‘out of the box’!


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