Blinding Springtime

Happy Spring!

Welcome to the season of chirping birds, blooming flowers, unflattering colors and allergies! Ya ya – I know. Who doesn’t love spring, right? Well, don’t get me wrong. I basically count the moments ’till the sun emerges from the depths of winter, but not all spring-things are good.

We’ll start off with the good:

  • The birds come back
  • Everything is blooming beautiful colors
  • We can put away restrictive winter clothes

On the other hand…

  • The birds will poop on your balcony (without shame, no less)
  • Pollen, lad. Stock up on tissues!
  • And the worst offender – nothing at the mall actually looks flattering on anyone… ever…

Now really. Those beautiful spring colors have a place. That place is NOT on your clothes, coating you from head to tow in blinding shades of ‘baby’. The only thing attracted to that is a bee – and I dunno ’bout ye, but I have no desire to get stung. Ok ok hear me out. What do you think ‘spring colors’ are?


Well this is my pallet. And these colors are accent colors. These are not base colors, nor are they to be mixed. Just look at the Pantone Spring 2013 color report – They acknowledged  the colors of spring, but did not forget to pick some grounding, deeper shades. That’s just what spring is about. Ye don’t see a beautiful, blooming plant with nothing but flowers, do ye? The flowers catch your eye because they pop off of the darker hue of the leaves that frame this new life.

So the next time you think about your color pallet… (be it your daily wardrobe,  a new website design, or a colored illustration)… remember that spring colors bring things to life when used as accents.

What is your favorite spring color?


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