Resolving Resolutions

And here we have it! The new year has finally set in and by now, I’m sure we’ve all re-cooperated from the holiday season. (I have, at least…) How are we doing on those New Year’s Resolutions? Let’s see… crossed off any unreasonable resolutions yet? I have not! To start it off, I have completed 5 pictures towards the 100 Themes of Love Triangles Challenge so far this month, and I have adjusted my bank accounts in order to pay off my student loan! My Tarot card project has only corrections left on it, so we can say I have yet to actually break that goal. Moreover, I would like to take this time to add another resolution to my list:

  • Start saving money to travel to Ireland

I may not be able to make it to The Gathering Ireland 2013, but I’ll be darned if I never get to go! I was pricing it out, and it looks like it’s pretty doable. (Certainly more doable than going back to Japan right now!) A holiday to the homeland be in my future for sure!


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