Watch out Emerald! Red’s still in the game!

Red is everywhere this season. With the big V-day, all of the stores have overloaded on our most favorite color of passion. Have ye noticed that between the transition from Christmas to Valentine’s, all we did was drop the green? Sure, with the coming of February we see more and more pink and the rest of the ‘spring’ colors, but can we not agree that red is plotting a comeback?

And it’s not just Valentine’s day… The bright red lips of the 1950’s have returned; Red has been named a 2013 Hot Pick for hair color (Glamour Magazine’s Fiery Red Hair Hues); and of course, Taylor Swift’s newest Album has come out, titled none other than “Red”. What’s with the sudden burst in energy? Careful Emerald, if yer not looking, yer complimentary cousin will steal the glory! Let’s face it, the only time ye can mix red and green in any form is if ye have the blood of ancient pagans and dawn auburn locks to compliment yer emerald attire. (Which, in my opinion is a rather classy look to strut.) Otherwise, ye lassie look like the skirt of the Christmas tree, and not a soul wants to see that again until December.

So what’s up with this? Was Red a fiery second place to Emerald in Pantone’s pick for color of the year? Perhaps.

There’s something that’s got to be done nonetheless. Let’s not blot red out just yet. Instead, let’s tone her down a wee bit and pair her with green. Sure, keep your bright red lips if ye have to, but let the Emerald shine bright in the spotlight next to a fine pink or tinted red-orange. Don’t take away her spotlight just yet.

Don’t take me wrong. I love red like I love green, but these are two complimentary colors that have seen too much of each other during the holidays. With Valentine’s day upon us, embrace yer passionate side with some red, or rock pink out with your green. Love them in pieces for a while.


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