Welcome to 2013

Happy New Year to everyone celebrating another turn around the sun! I, myself, spent the changeover freezing my leggings off while watching the synchronized fireworks of the Las Vegas Strip from afar. That sure was something! It looked to me like the buildings were on fire at times! Simply amazing.

Have ye heard about the new Pantone color? 2012 was “Tangerine Tango”, something I rather liked, despite it’s criticism in the design community. I am personally very excited for this new color. This year, 2013, is Emerald Green! You see, green is my favorite color, and I am Irish, so I am rather fond of the gem Emerald. They could not have picked a more wonderful color in my opinion!
Read the actual news release from Pantone here!
To come upon the color of the year, they scour the globe and comb through cultural activities and events. They even look at the movies that are coming out! Hum, is it just me, or did The Gathering Ireland perhaps play a part in this year’s choice? A wee bit of an influence maybe?
Or could it be that this is an omen for me to finally make significant progress on (or – gasp – even finish!) my Love Triangles’ 100 Theme Challenge? Aye, perhaps. If ye be interested in cheering me on, please check out the blog and follow us on Facebook!

In spirit of the new year, of course I am not immune to the tradition of Resolutions. I was raised American after all, and it is kind of a big thing here. Alas most of my resolutions are work-related. Here’s the lot of ’em:

  • Finish Tarot card Project in January
  • Finish Website Project
  • Do at least 4-6 pictures towards the 100 Theme Challenge each month
  • Finish writing my newest book
  • Pay off my student loan

Well there ye have it. Here’s to a fantastic 2013 that is full of prosperity and love! I’m ready to dive into it!


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